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Western Wear Style Guide For Your Body Type

Western wear is renowned for its unique blend of functionality, comfort, and flair. When selecting your Western wardrobe, it's crucial to choose pieces that not only reflect your style but also flatter your body type.

This article will guide you through selecting the perfect western wear for various body types.

Pear-Shaped Body

A pear-shaped body typically has wider hips and a smaller bust. Aim to balance your figure by accentuating your upper body.

Top: Opt for wide necklines like boat neck or square neck styles that draw attention upward. Shirts with frills, ruffles, or embroidery also work well.
Bottom: Straight-cut or slightly flared jeans would suit you best, as they balance the width of your hips. Avoid overly embellished or pocketed jeans.
Outerwear: Choose jackets or vests that hit at your waist or upper hip area, as they draw attention to your waist.

Apple-Shaped Body

An apple-shaped body usually has broader shoulders and bust, a less defined waist, and slimmer hips and legs. The goal here is to elongate your torso and show off your legs.

Top: V-necklines work well to create a leaner, longer line. Opt for shirts that flow away from the tummy area.
Bottom: Bootcut or wide-legged jeans that fit well on your hips and thighs can help balance out your upper body.
Outerwear: Long, open-front jackets or cardigans can create a long vertical line, giving an illusion of a defined waist.

Hourglass-Shaped Body

An hourglass figure is defined by a well-defined waist with the bust and hip measurements nearly the same. This body type suits a variety of Western wear.

Top: Choose fitted shirts that highlight your waist without being too tight. Shirts with cinched waists or belts can further emphasize your curves.
Bottom: Bootcut or skinny jeans can showcase your balanced proportions. Look for mid-rise jeans that sit comfortably on your waist.
Outerwear: Tailored jackets or waistcoats that cinch in at the waist can enhance your figure.

Athletic Body

An athletic body type, also known as a rectangular body, has a well-balanced, straight figure. The goal is to create curves where they don't naturally occur.

Top: Shirts with ruffles, frills, or bold prints can add volume. Scoop or V-necks can help create an illusion of curves.
Bottom: Flared or bootcut jeans can help create a curvier silhouette. Try jeans with pockets or embellishments to add a bit of shape.
Outerwear: Look for structured jackets that create a sense of curves, or go for belted jackets or cardigans that cinch in at the waist.

Final Thoughts

Remember, these are just guidelines and fashion rules are meant to be broken! The key to pulling off any outfit, including Western wear, is to wear it with confidence. Embrace your body type, experiment with different styles, and most importantly, choose pieces that make you feel fabulous!



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